When seeking a tutor, finding one with a long track record in education is a huge win. It means your tutor has proven experience in the classroom and working one-to-one. You therefore know from the outset that your tutor is dependable and worth your investment. You can also ask many satisfied students or their parents to corroborate this reasonable expectation. Personally, I am always happy to supply you with the names and phone numbers of former clients who volunteer to recommend me. Perhaps you'll even know them!

My experience with tutoring began more than 20 years ago when I took the SAT and aced it—top 1% math and verbal. There are two poignant considerations for those scores. One, my mother, in her infinite wisdom, had set me up for success by getting me a remarkable and articulate tutor. I therefore understand from direct experience what the benefits are when working with someone good. When I serve a student, I know what can come of it because I have lived what can come of it. I can't promise everyone they will get into Princeton like I did, but I can promise something equally worthwhile: you will gain confidence, you will surpass your former limits, and your sense of what is possible for you will expand into serious ambition. I make it a point to bring those secondary benefits to my students.


Teaching Experience:

My SAT results were also my first step into becoming a professional teacher—a deep calling for me that has lasted 20 years. At first the parents of my high school friends urged me to tutor their younger siblings, and scores went up for everyone. For summer income that year I traded my faithful push lawn-mower for a pile of study guides and embarked on a long relationship with standardized testing and teaching in general. I tutored the SAT throughout college and during those years I scored top 1% on the GRE. I went to graduate school and continued teaching and tutoring as I got my Masters in English, adding two years of Freshman Composition & Core Writing Skills to my teaching roster. Since then I have taught classes of every kind, including formal creativity, such as "Painting As Spontaneous Expression" at the Sophia Center for Culture and Spirituality, a graduate wing of Holy Names University in Oakland. I served many semesters at City College San Francisco as a technology instructor in the Computer Science Department. I have also tutored the SAT and ACT exams for Revolution Prep.

Industry Experience:

Outside formal teaching, I have generally worked for organizations otherwise devoted to education. I was the Chief Engineer at Hooked On Phonics, where I developed an industry-standard adaptive test for the Northwest Evaluation Association to assess reading levels nationally in children ages 3 to 18, so my insight into the nature of standardized testing is uncommonly deep. I worked at Children's Day School in San Francisco. I worked for a globally-recognized information systems provider called inResonance to develop world-class databases for secondary schools. I founded and created an online gradebook and testing tool for teachers called gradevault.com and I offer it as free software to our entire nation's teaching community, with which I therefore keep in regular contact. The list truly goes on and on. I'm all about education. I think it's everyone's greatest asset.

School Experience:

Burlingame High

Lowell High

Saint Ignatius Prep

Marin Catholic

I have served students from many schools over many years. These pictures are only a few among my regulars.

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