The list below represents subjects I tutor frequently for students throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. There is a very good chance, if you are looking for a tutor for a particular class, that I have tutored that exact class with your exact teacher at your exact school, using your exact textbook or course pack. This kind of happy coincidence happens all the time for two reasons: 1) the act of learning is favored by chance, and therefore lucky by nature; and 2) I meet many new clients through word-of-mouth, increasing the odds of fitting your needs to a tee. When that isn't the case, I regularly take on new classes with uncommon ease and devotion, and regard uncharted subject matter as a wonderful challenge, consistently succeeding with it as a tutor on the first cycle.

My most frequent course offerings for tutoring include:





calculus and precalculus

Natural Sciences:

geology/earth science





grammar & mechanics

composition & college essays




ancient civilizations

world history

american history


Computer Science:

and all operating systems

programming and software

advanced web development

database development

Si, yo hablo y enseno espanol. Yes, I speak and teach Spanish. Que suerte! What luck! Si tu o tu hijo quiere mejorar en fluidez, en leer, escribir, entender, yo puedo ayudarte. If you or your child wants to improve in fluency, in reading, writing, comprehension, I can help you. Perdoname que no hay punctuacion apropiada sobre estas palabras (puntos de accento, tildas, jalapenitos), pero yo le echo la culpa al internet (html). Forgive me that there isn't proper punctuation over these words (accent marks, tildas, —tiny jalapeno peppers—), but I blame the internet. Claro, me gustan las bromas y tonterias!