I raise student performance regularly on all of the following standardized tests:

College Admissions:

Standardized tests boast the adjective "standardized" by promising consistent results from each student across time. But students naturally want their results to improve significantly, not stay the same on different test dates. My long-term experience tutoring—and yes, designing and programming standardized tests—uniquely positions me to help you outperform your prior and/or untrained scores, despite the mechanisms put in place by the testing industry to prevent that result, and relied on by admissions boards.

Graduate School Admissions:

I know from working directly with students of all ages and backgrounds—and actively studying the results—that for each exam there are several key areas of development that make the most lasting difference when a person is competing not only against other students, but against oneself. The most effective measures don't get tutored much, or well, or at all, simply because they require a very insightful tutor—one whose natural intuition is sharp enough to consistently catch students out in real-time about every detracting glitch in their testing proflie. When done with reassurance, an unexpected transmission of bravery occurs in this manner also.

Secondary School Admissions:

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