Welcome to my Tutoring Blog

I write the entries posted here as reflections on the nature of tutoring based on working with my students and making useful discoveries. I genuinely love the philosophical and speculative sides of my work as a tutor. Feel free to post comments and let me know your thoughts about my thoughts. I value and encourage your response (megaphone optional).

Gestalt Tutoring

During the day, while my students are in school, I see adult clients for psychotherapy at the Church St. Integral Counseling Center in San Francisco. I love it there. I love it there so much that I’d like to use a blog entry right now to talk to you about the kind of counseling I practice, and articulate at least one fundamental similarity it offers for tutoring well.

The College Essay: Finger Trap?

Be yourself. Who else can you be? Well, lots of people, and that’s the problem.

What Would Socrates Do?

Yes, I am going to talk about Socrates. But before you get skeptical on me and conclude I have overmuch ego to write about myself in the same blog entry as the freewheeling, forever-barefoot father of Western Thought, please consider that I did study Philosophy at Princeton, and all that deep thinking and diligent application of abstruse formal logic does entitle me somewhat to my share of poetic license and delusions of grandeur.

Reading Comprehension: What Works

As a tutor, I often get referrals for students whose greatest challenge on standardized tests is the Reading Comprehension section. As I see it, I get these referrals for three reasons: 1) I have a Masters in English; 2) I have a history of consistent success with this elusive area of student growth; and 3) most tutors shy away from Reading Comprehension because they see it as a dead end. It isn't. Not to me.