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There is an ancient Chinese proverb that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The same is true for significantly raising your performance in school and on standardized tests. You only have to take a single step. You need not overcomplicate the rest. The rest will follow if you simply fill out and submit the contact form on this page. I'll receive an email and I'll respond to it in a timely fashion. Then we'll take the next step together. Then the next. Easy! We're on our way!

For now simply tell me a bit about your situation and anything pertaining to it that you want to get across by way of introducing yourself. If you have a preferred method for me to reply to you (other than dreadfully public methods like skywriting), feel free to indicate your preference, and I will honor it to the best of my ability. I commonly reply to prospective clients for the first time by email and phone, and in some cases by skype—usually for nationwide and international students.

For internet safety, I do not post my rates on this website, but I do discuss them freely and promptly with anyone who contacts me. I do not play favorites about how much I charge, but strive to offer a uniform, accurate price to all parties I tutor.